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Kool Trikes was created in 2008 by Randy Butler of Juneau Wi., as a retail trike dealer offering most major trike brands at the same location of his late model reparable and sales business that was started in 1988. By early 2009 Randy was disappointed with the quality of the kits that were available, and the manufacturer support, so he decided to create his own.

Randy had been building things since he was eight years old and had an extensive history with fabricating race car components, suspension, and driving open wheel race cars. Being a GM Certified Technician and a certified ICAR auto body technician he had a huge background to build from.

His vision from day one was to build for more of a niche market, the buyer that wants something special and different than the masses. Build the best trike kit, not the most. The development began in 2009 and in 2010 the first Kool Trikes independent suspension trike kit was available to the retail buyer. The kit today still uses the same basic components and specifications as in the beginning though refinements have been made, especially to the mounting configuration to take the bad vibrations and harmonics out of the motorcycle.

Kool Tikes Independent Suspension is a 100% purpose built trike suspension for Harley Davidson motorcycles, not a repurposed suspension out of the sixties adapted to a motorcycle. Kool trikes suspension didn't  look like any other trike suspension when it was introduced because it wasn't like any other one in the market, and still isn't. Everything was designed with ride quality, handling, and overall performance in mind using a lot of  automotive and performance components that are available from most auto parts facilities not "special" parts only available from the kits manufacturer.


For further information call Randy himself at 920-392-1060. He still answers the phone and assembles every kit that goes out the door.


TRIGLIDE Upgrade in Process


Randy Back in the Day

Associate Sponsor for Sammy Swindell at the Knoxville Nationals


Kool Trikes is still involved in sponsoring heat races and last lap pass bonuses for the IRA Sprint Cars and Tony Stewart's All Star Circuit of Champions on co-sponsored events.

Kool Trikes Co-Sponsored Events

Slinger Super Speedway
Plymouth Dirt Track Racing
BOSS Sprint Cars


In The Works

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